6 Tips to Gain Some More "Me Time"

by Fatema Ali
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6 Tips to Gain Some More

Sometimes, you just need a little "me time". A time for doing nothing, like sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee and watching TV or maybe "me time" for most of us is wanting to hide away in our sewing room to finish a dying project whilst watching The Great British Sewing Bee! I know that feeling all too often.

Its easy to get caught up doing a lot of things at once and then feeling completely drained by the end of the day. My "end of the day" is unbelievably late, like 1am late, because my 3-year old daughter refuses to want to sleep despite not taking any daytime naps - seriously do they change please reassure me?!

Since we can't change the amount of hours in the day, we need to really make use of our time. For me, that usually means watching business-related videos on x2 speed and getting up earlier than everyone else.

So I figured its time to start utilizing my time better so I have more "me time" and I researched some tips that would help me do just that.


Here they are:


  1. Make a "to do" list.

    As simple and boring as that sounds, its a very useful thing to do. It keeps you focused and allows you to schedule your day ahead.
    Personally, I'd forget to look at my to do lists but eventually I got into the habit of ticking off all the things I had completed. Quite satisfying.

  2. Sleep well.

    Getting a really good sleep is essential for your mind and body. You are more focused, alert and responsive in the daytime which makes you more efficient. You won't be as knackered by the end of the day so you can sleep better. Notice the cycle?

  3. Run from negativity

    You have your own problems to deal with so you really don't need to hear negativity from everyone else and no one should put you in a negative mood either. Avoid being around people who give off a negative aura or presence. It wastes your energy and ultimately your time.

  4. Focus means focus

    Sometimes you really do need to get important or urgent work done, which means no messing around. To help you get through it quickly and efficiently the best way is to really focus on what you are doing. Let go of your urge to check your mobile!

  5. Saying no.

    Its difficult to turn people down but sometimes you really need to, to save yourself from drowning in other more important jobs. It might not feel good but its best for your own productivity.

  6. Get the ticktick app - its free!

    I came across this app a few months ago and its really helped organize my time better. You can split the day into time slots for different tasks. When the task is due you get a notification and it allows you to either start, complete or delay it. You can also set different tasks for different days which is really helpful if you tend to forget things - like when I took my daughter to nursery during half term holidays - yep it was slightly embarrassing.

These tips have helped me quite a bit and I've noticed I've been a lot more calmer, level-headed and more satisfied. Of course, I still don't get as much time as I'd like to sew but when I do I'm more focused and I get a lot more done.

Hope these tips help you save time too. Leave your comments below and share any time-saving tips you may have.




    by Fatema Ali


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