5 Ways To Improve Your Sewing

by Fatema Ali
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Don't underestimate the seam allowance

When I started sewing dresses from patterns with 5/8" or 1.5cm seam allowance I had a habit of keeping my seam allowances at 1cm for the fear of making them too small. By doing this it would alter the design and the patterns wouldn't always align. If you are tempted to change the seam allowance, do this on the pattern before you cut it.

Transfer all the markings from your pattern to the fabric

It may take longer and while you might think you'll finish faster, its always pays to transfer the markings on to your fabric. From experience, I've realised that they are more important that I thought and are there for a reason. They always make things a lot easier. 

Cut notches right to the stitches

Another technique that I learnt the hard way was not cutting the notches on curves right up to the stitches. When a pattern calls for notches, it means the fabric needs to be eased due to the inside or outside curve. If you learn to cut your notches right up to the stitches (not through them!) then your finishing will be top-notch - pun intended! But seriously, try it out and see the difference.

Use a edge stitch foot for your sewing machine

There are a lot of different feet available for your sewing machine that can help you get through different techniques quickly and easily, giving you better and professional results.
One of the best ones that I consider you use first is the edge foot. It has a small bar that keeps the fabric aligned with the needle, helping you to stitch evenly when doing top-stitching.

Use a pattern 

This might seem like an obvious one but when you think you can make something, its always better to find or purchase a pattern. You may be able to design it yourself but if it doesn't turn out great, it can put you off sewing altogether. Most professional patterns are formulated and tested before release making sure that you don't have to worry about errors. Its always easier to hack a pattern than to make your own. 



by Fatema Ali


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