Tailortime Kits


We believe that everyone should enjoy sewing, whether it be a little a day or every few weekends. Sewing is fun, creative, relaxing and especially satisfying when you get good results. 
It can be difficult to take out time to sew with so many other commitments such as work, studies, cooking, looking after kids and the home all at once. Sometimes, you need a little helping hand and we are here for you. 

We have created these hand-picked personalised kits that have everything ready for you to start sewing! These are great for beginners that want to get into dressmaking and for beginner advanced sewists that don't have enough time to shop around for the good stuff. But of course, they are available to experts too...

These kits are also a great way to explore new patterns, fabrics and combinations. They allow you to be able to incorporate different variations to suit your style. You also get to use all the leftover items for other projects.

We have made sure that every kit has been put together with high quality fabric, notions, trims and accessories along with careful consideration, care and love. 
And they will be delivered straight to your door! 

P.S for everyone kit you purchase we donate £1 to charity. Plus all our packaging is 100% recyclable.


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